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Rumblestrips are becoming more and more common as an integral part of highway design. They have proven to be a significant safety measure by warning motorists that they have inadvertenly drifted outside the intended lane of travel.


The primary benefit of rumblestrips in general is safety, but the advantage to grinding the rumblestrips into the asphalt as opposed to rolling in the indentations is that it can be done at any time. It can be a part of the original design OR it can be a retrofit for existing asphalt or concrete shoulders.

Improved Design

Dustrol has recently developed a new and innovative design of rumblestrips. The new patent pending design has several features which make it more appealing to both the owner and the traveling public.

The unique rounded design allows wind and rain to clean the self-draining indentations.  The gradual increase in intensity is also more motorcycle and bicycle friendly.

While the dimensions of the layout continue to give off the audible warning signal, the taper on all sides eliminate the abrupt vertical lip which occurs on the old style rumblestrips.

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