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Company History

Dustrol, based in Towanda, Kansas (near Wichita), was founded in 1973 by Ted Dankert when he began selling emulsions for sealing asphalt and controlling dust. In 1975, the company began using rented equipment to recycle asphalt in order to complement its pavement maintenence operations. In 1979, Dustrol purchased its first cold milling machine and began focusing exclusively on asphalt recycling and resurfacing. Since that time, the company has grown organically and through acquistions to become a leading independent provider of asphalt recycling and related highway maintenance services. By 1980, Dustrol expanded its geographic focus to include Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

The first satellite office was later opened in Roanoke, Texas (near Ft. Worth) in 1985 to support the growing operational effort in this region. The company expanded its sales territory during the early 1990's by opening a facility in Colorado Springs along with acquistions of two competitors to provide immediate footprints in New Mexico and Nebraska. Recently, the company has been building its presence in additional markets with strong revenue and profit potential including Missouri, Iowa, Arizona and Utah. The map above highlights the company's current market area and facility locations.


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