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Cold Milling


Cold milling (also called Rotomilling)is the controlled removal of asphalt or concrete pavement to a desired depth using equipment especially designed to restore a surface to a predicted grade and slope. Asphalt picked up during the milling process can be recycled for use on the same job or on future paving projects.


The cold milling process focuses on the versatility of the equipment, allowing all agencies involved to take advantage of the different sizes of machines available. The process is clean, safe, and cost effective, correcting problems efficiently and economically.


Recycling of all products and materials makes good sense and is very acceptable in this day of costly and insufficient raw materials. It also creates good relations with the traveling public because recycling is good business and saves tax dollars.


The cold milling process can be the solution to road deterioration problems, e.g., ruts and unstable asphalt, poor skid resistance, bonding quality, poor pavement profile and over-asphalted streets.

Rotomilling can be used to remove maintenance material and surface flaws to prepare the surface for an overlay.

Curbline edge milling is used to prepare city streets so that the overlay will be flush with the gutter.


In addition to the high productivity and low cost of the process, the material removed can be used on other road resurfacing and rebuilding operations. This aspect alone can provide dramatic savings on resurfacing projects and beneficially affect road maintenance budgets.


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